Best Value 28 Inch Gaming Monitor Under 500

If you are looking for the Best Value 28 Inch Gaming Monitor Under 500 that is of great quality and high definition, the Samsung 28-inch ultra high definition led monitor won’t let you down. With the amazing 4K, 3840×2160 resolution, and it makes it possible that you won’t miss any incredible lifelike details. You will feel like you are just in the game you are playing or the movie you are watching.

Best Value 28 Inch Gaming Monitor Under 500 Dollars


Best Value 28 Inch MonitorHIGH PICTURE QUALITY: Its amazing 4K resolution is way higher than Full HD. The response time of this ultra high-definition monitor is 1 millisecond, and it is capable of delivering your vivid images without any blur, judder, or ghosting.

SHARPER CONTENT: With the Samsung upscale technology, this cheap monitor can enhance the image quality regardless of the bad original image quality. You no longer worry about the image degradation, instead, just sitting in sofa comfortably enjoying the view.

ENHANCED GAMING EXPERIENCE: More and more people like games nowadays, because it’s a way to relax your body from intense work. Now you can get a better gaming experience just touching a button. The Game Mode enhances colors, detects changes in scenes, and adjusts contrast in order to make you see everything clearly.

MULTITASKING: It’s much more convenient when you can do two things at the same time. Thanks to the Picture-in-Picture (PIP) 2.0 technology, now you can watch movie while working on a spreadsheet.


SHORT OF STOCK:There are only ten monitors left in stock, so what are you waiting for, just seize the last chance and you will be pleased by its excellent performance.


I like the appearance of this monitor, and the color too. It’s 28-inch, and it’s just big enough for me. Watching movies or videos on it is just amazing, and there’s no blur or ghosting.And for me, I like games a lot, so the Game Mode is really attractive to me. It is thrill to play games with this monitor, because it makes you feel like you are actually in the game, and that’s just awesome. BY Brian M. Kaplan

The monitor performs just as described in the advertisement. It delivers stunning pictures at a high resolution. The multitasking is of great use to me, because I can enjoy my favorite movies and doing my work simultaneously. BY Janice J. Hector

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